Introducing beta test of

Face Search API

Store Thousand Of Faces, Search face by uploading face image, intuitive dashboard, scale-ready package for any business needs.

Feature 01


All of our products are built for ease of use, truly stright to the point, no hassle, just focus on building your product.

Feature 02


Paswordless System, API Activity Stats, IP Whitelist, API-Key permission scope, encrypted user assets (ex: image file), we store your data as little as possible.

Feature 04

Agnostic Language Support

We use HTTP Protocol as API Interface, which mean any language are able to use our API.

Simple API

No more spending time for complicated setup, use existing http client library, move your focus back to business logic, your productivity matters.

Intuitive Response

Receive only what you need, Simple, fixed and straightforward API Reponse, suitable for any language (strong/duck/weak typing) yet intuitive with scoring field.

Distraction-free Dashboard

Simple, Clean, Straightforward Design, Do what you need to do, don't let anything distract your time.

Ease of use

Example of bool64 user Editing and Creating new token.

We are still working on pricing & payment, there is also free-limited gift code shared on Producthunt & Twitter, moreover the cheapest premium package are just $6.99.

Having special request ? Ex: On-Prem/Dedicated GPU Server